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O-New: Weekend Review

July is just around the corner. No, I don’t mean ‘in a week’ or ‘in two days’, I mean in approximately one hour it will be July in London. And now that’s a problem for us here at O-New because things happen on July, including Canada Day, Flare’s Birthday, and a whole host of other things which rhyme with Day including Olé, Nikkei, Essay, and Weigh. Yes, those four items do add up to O-NEW which is the topic of our discussion today: another weekend review.

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O-New: Week Without School

And the first week of summer vacation draws to a close.

At the same time, I draw lots of clothes except I DON’T, because I a) suck at drawing b) what was the whole point of this sentence anyways? If nobody knows, then somebody must because it’s time for another Week in Review. What happened during our summer vacation here at O-New?

Well, new persons AdjectiveRecoil and redball have joined the O-New blogging team, starting out with bangs, that is to say, double fetish posts. They don’t have anything to do with bangs, but they do have to do with hair and guns, two objects prominent in both of their avatars, for redball is a flying ball of hair and AdjectiveRecoil is a guy with a gun.

Needless to say, none of my posts can quite match the descriptive intricacies of these fetish essays, but that’s not to say my Mouretsu Pirates posts can be overlooked. Actually, they can be overlooked, since they’re more ramblings about being un-sick and Avengers and Macbeth and Iron Sky than posts about Mouretsu Pirates. I also finally perform some abstract minimalist composition that’s not abstract and not minimalist. It’s more of a musical mess than a composition, because compositions imply structure.

Finally, AbsoluteZero255’s blog is highlighted and in the limelight of this spotlight because we spot/lime/highlight his blog and an essay about poetry that he wrote, except no, not really, because instead, my egotistical ego highlights my essay about poetry instead (which also happens to be my final homework assignment for the year) that Dark_Sage has so succinctly and precisely summarized by the following esoteric three-word phrase: What the fuck.

O-New: Week in Review


“Wait, what the well is he talking about?” you won’t ask, because all of you already know. WELL GUESS WHAT EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE ALL ALREADY COGNIZANT OF THIS HUMILIATING SITUATION I’LL SHOUT IT IN YOUR COLLECTIVE FACES ONCE MORE:

O-New (that’s this ISSS, the coolest ISSS on the ‘net), is in a monumental tournament against every single ISSS (information sharing and storate ‘site) in the UNIVERSE. Too bad there’s only two; O-New and Eye Sedso, some kind of sick Rie Kugimiya porn cult. Thus, we are pitted against these ignominious perverts (even though only one person authors Eye Sedso) in the final match of the year.



tl;dr: it’s been a tough week for az and me; sleeping on the couch and doing nothing at all is really exhausting! You see… it’s really quite strenuous doing nothing all day, so once a week I write a post that sums up all the previous seventeen weeks’ posts in true o-new fashion: by writing them.

Unfortunately, the only two half-decent posts written within the previous seventeen weeks were this appalling performance of three Satie masterpieces and this analysis of The Right Honourable Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien’s Rie Kugimiya porn collection.

And now, I’ve got some piano recital nonsense coming up, so if you’ll excuse me, NO MORE ELOQUENT POSTS FOR THE NEXT SEVENTEEN WEEKS