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Parallel 5ths

Oh hey, another Musical Monday!

Remember last Musical Monday, when I posted about Stephen Chatman’s Ginger Snaps? Neither do I! Here’s another composition that features parallel fifths like there’s no tomorrow. What’s it called?

Parallel 5ths.

As opposed to opposed fifths»

A Two-Feet Long Diary: Month 6

Aw yeah, look at my sweet frog pajamas. They’re like hakase’s pajamas except 1) hakase doesn’t have frog pajamas 2) that’s a sweater 3) those are feet 4) IT’S TIME FOR A FEET VIDEO AGAIN

You’re on the weird part of O-New»

O-New: Weekend Review

July is just around the corner. No, I don’t mean ‘in a week’ or ‘in two days’, I mean in approximately one hour it will be July in London. And now that’s a problem for us here at O-New because things happen on July, including Canada Day, Flare’s Birthday, and a whole host of other things which rhyme with Day including Olé, Nikkei, Essay, and Weigh. Yes, those four items do add up to O-NEW which is the topic of our discussion today: another weekend review.

Review on, i.e. view again»

Musical Mondays

Right, everybody. What is a Musical Monday?

Every single Monday (as well as every double Monday) from now on, I will upload a video about music and post about it. The video of music (note: not a music video) will not necessarily be of Czerny, but every Monday, there will be at least one video of music over at my YouTube channel (subscribe!).

In fact, let’s tag this! My apt alliterative abilities have decided on the (completely unrelated to Anime Instrumentality’s Monday Melodic Musings) stunningly imaginative title of Musical Mondays. Yes, this will be a weekly thing.

And that’s all. It’s just another alliterative and administrative announcement.

Mouretsu Pirates 19

There’s been few O-New posts lately.

So what’s a guy to do? Well, if you’re a high school student whose prior total literary experience has blogging a really crappy show about vapid braindead high school teenagers, there’s really only one moral dilemma that has to be resolved: are bloggers allowed to wear really short mini-skirts? Get ready for internetwork buccaneering unlike any you’ve ever seen before as the posts get delayed by laziness, boredom, and the sexiest words ever in BODACIOUS SPACE BLOGGERS!

…well, sorry, because a) that was the actual post b) Mouretsu Pirates is neither sexy nor bodacious c) my words are never sexy and d) this won’t be a Mouretsu Pirates post and e) this dearth of posts is due to various factors in my life such as nothing, laziness, nothing, laziness, and some Chinese school talent show competition that I’m apparently participating in. It is also due to various factors in my laziness such as reading this hyper-cool webcomic (that is literally hyper cool and avoids all tropes like the plague, the poop, and the protagonist) and this super-cool webcomic (that is literally super cool and avoids all Touhou canon like the poison, the pee, and the principal).

Imagine a poisoned poop cannon»

A Two-Feet Long Diary: Month 4

Today, we’ll talk about… more feet! This NarcissisticCube fellow recently subscribed to my YouTube channel, and is now the first subscriber to my YouTube channel since I started uploading videos of my feet! What I’m saying is, only one person wants to see videos of feet but I’M UPLOADING THEM ANYWAYS BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO POST ABOUT


A Two-Feet Long Diary: Month 3

We’re still tweaking up our REAL Season Preview, so I won’t actually put a post here for a while!! At least you have a Season Preview to look forward to! Oh right, the season started two weeks ago…


Pre-International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme *~Part Two~*

So, following the wise words of a wise man, I have accepted Churchill’s request for me to join their program.

Here, in an attempt to make this post seem at least somewhat interesting, I shall insert an obligatory comment about YouTube’s new changes which nobody noticed because YouTube changes like, once every week.

[Obligatory comment about YouTube’s new changes]

In entirely unrelated news, whoops, sorry, I guess I’m going to be writing a lot of filler posts now! School’s catching up on me after I decided to, oh, do no homework over the Spring Break. Wait wait wait, I can explain myself! I wasn’t assigned any homework over the Break. Yeah, I don’t even know why I’m saying this anymore, just, just, go away

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! 9

“You said you wouldn’t beat me to death if I died!”

Kore wa zombie desu»

Königliche März ~ And Then the Sun Came Out

I was going to put this into yesterday’s post since it happened yesterday, but Horizon did not fit the mood. This piece does, somewhat, because it sounds hopeful, which is better than sounding silly. See, my grandma is dying, and my dad has flown back to be with her until she dies, which will be in less than a month. Königliche März means ‘Royal March’ – while it’s not a funeral march, if I were to die, I’d rather die with this music than with morbid, requiem-esque sounds.

“’twas a downcast day
our troops’ morale was suff’ring
then, behold! yonder,
the sun came out, and our path

I’m anti-capitalist»

[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Half Season Review

How long has it been since I last watched this?! Sigh, I wonder if I’ll have anything to write ab-







its name is c but it has no name
(funny thing is, [C] actually is noitaminA’s 26th show)

I can’t even understand what/why I noted»

I Am a Piano [Completed]

[Announcement: YouTube has a new ‘license’ thingy – you can adjust your license to be a CC-BY license while uploading / editing your videos, which allows other people to rip off your work for free and with full legal powers! However, you can only do this to things that are /entirely/ yours – e.g. I don’t think you can mark a performance of a dead person’s composition as something that can be shared. Too bad.]

This short, 8-page story is about a piano.

This post is longer than the manga»

朝草画花 ~ Gorgeous Sweet Clover

“And lo, I returned, and saw that the race may be to the swift, and the battle to the strong; but the victory is left to chance, and may happen to them all.”