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Staking Chances on a Competition of Senseless Animation Vituperations, Organized by a Naïvely Egotistical Writer, also known as ‘ANIBLOG BETTING’, is an event organized by me, Mushyrulez, a naïvely egotistical writer. This is a all-in-one reference page for quick reference to references you wish to reference. Our official hashtag is #anibet.

All other posts other than this page are invalid and most probably lying to you.

  1. What is it?

    The Aniblog Tourney is a tournament pitting various anime blogs against each other. A list of matches is provided. ANIBLOG BETTING is a competition pitting various persons against each other by betting, with fake money, on the results of the Aniblog Tourney matches.

  2. Who are the participants?

    Anyone, regardless of whether you blog anime, read anime blogs, or even if you don’t watch anime at all. You can register by leaving a comment below with a WordPress account, by sending @Mushyrulez a tweet with a Twitter account, by sending mushyrulez [at] gmail.com an email with an email account, or simply by contacting me in any form whatsoever.

  3. What will we win?

    The first place winner will receive (all optional) a chance to write a post on anything they want for O-New, a free O-REW written by me for whatever website they choose, and a piece of mspaint fanart drawn by me on whatever they want (but if you say ‘porn’, I’ll draw extremely disturbing progressive outer retinal necrosis just for you). I cannot guarantee that any of those rewards will be rewarded within two years of winning.

    The second place winner will receive a free O-REW for whatever website they choose and a piece of mspaint fanart drawn by me on anything they want.

    The third and fourth place winners will receive their choice of either an O-REW or a piece of fanart.

  4. How does it work?

    Once registered, I will grant you 100 fake monies, which you can use to bet with other participants on the results of a match. After you find a person to bet against and both agree on the terms of the bet, BOTH of you must contact me (leave a comment below, tweet me an @-reply on Twitter, send me an e-mail, etc.) to validate your bet.

  5. Where is it held?

    It is everywhere, and it starts with the Aniblog Tourney’s start (which already happened), and ends with the Aniblog Tourney’s end (scheduled for June 19th, 2012).

  6. What can we bet on?

    Anything that relates to the tournament; whether a given blog wins, loses, draws, wins or draws, loses or draws, wins or loses, or even whether a given blog will drop out, as well as bets estimating the percentage by which a given blog will win or lose by. However, please do not bet on things other than the tournament, such as how many bagels your grandpa will eat tomorrow morning at nine. Save that for when the Aniblog Tourney’s over, in which case (if this is popular enough) I may host an ‘ANYTHING BETTING’ competition. Which would be pretty pointless.

  7. When do we have to bet by?

    You can bet any time until the match is over. However, to alter an already-validated bet, both of you must contact me with the altered bet, which I will then validate.

  8. How can we keep track of our bets?

    I’ll do that for you, with this handy page I’ve created just for the matter.

  9. Who are the registered participants?

    These guys (ordered reverse-alphabetically):

    Remember, you do NOT need a Twitter account to register. A WordPress or email account will work.

  10. What if I still have a question?

    Just leave a comment below. I’m sure I missed something, anyways.

  11. What the hell are you trying to do?