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Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Half Season Review

“It’s all part of my plan… to take over the world!

It’s more tl;dw than tl;dw~!

To those who don’t live in alien countries (Japan, China, Saskatchewan, Arizona, Iceland, etc.), you should have already went out of Daylight Savings Time by now – which means that this blog’s ‘day’ ends at 16:00 instead of 17:00 (PST). Expect much more late posts. Many more.

Anyways, seeing as I really haven’t watched anime for about a month and just started watching again… yesterday… the HSR-season coming in right now is hitting me at an odd time. I’ve also not looked at aniblogs for quite some time so if my opinion shifts away from the norm… WAIT MY OPINIONS ALWAYS SHIFT FROM THE NORM

In every anime there’s a Kuroku.

You can see that this post has been ‘published’ 3 days before I actually have published it.

Don’t worry, things’ll be back on track within the next 4 years. But for now, I’m going with the newer animu’s HSRs and completely ignoring tl;dw/Shiki because I completely ignored them before, so it should be safe to completely ignore them now.

Kousaka Kyousuke’s just a normal 17-year-old awesome guy, not yet exposed to the indecency of online vagrants lurking upon a multitude of imageboards and blogs.

His little sister, Kousaka Kirino, is a 14-year-old world-class bitch who happens to collect (quoted from Wikipedia, the headquarters of truth) moe anime and lolicon bishōjo games because they’re so kawaii desu no. Desu.

Just needs to dye her hair darker…

Kirino somehow manages to keep her… hobby secret, until one day, Kyousuke finds an eroge belonging to her. Because that’s what all little sisters do, Kirino decides to slap Kyousuke silly in the middle of the night and show him her stupidly large collection of… let’s put it bluntly now, little sister porn games.

She then wants a life consultation.

Mainly consisting of her forcing Kyousuke to play said little sister porn games.

It’s revealed that Kirino actually has no friends at all! …Who know about her addiction to porn games.

Thusly, she must go out and talk to other people with no life!

She decides to join a club full of other little-sister-porn-watching girls, and all goes well as she makes friends with some gothic loli, Kuroneko, and some stupidly fat tall blind person, Saori.

It’s also revealed that she works as a professional cosplayer to counterbalance her little-sister-porn expenses.

One day, after Kuroneko and Saori told her that their hobbies weren’t secret, she ‘accidentally’ drops one of her little sister porn games in front of their ex-cop dad. Naturally, he’s infuriated, but Kyousuke tells him that wasting your life on porn cartoons really isn’t worthless.

Nevertheless, he still shows concern over the fact that she’s watching porn, but Kyousuke covers for her and lies that he’s the one watching porn.






The next day, a strange, heavily mutilated corpse was found flowing along the river…


After this incident, the… stability of Oreimo (still longer than tl;dw) is called into question. Kyousuke decides to grope Kirino because that’s what good big brothers should do. They then go to Comiket and bump into Ayase, a yandere psychopath fellow professional cosplayer who hates being lied to. Upon discovering that Kirino watches little sister porn, Ayase admits that she also watches little sister porn THEY MUST BREAK UP BECAUSE THAT’S A BAD THING TO WATCH

What you should try to avoid saying when making up with a friend.

Kyousuke then tells Ayase that he loves Kirino, like, siscon-love, and that somehow gets Ayase and Kirino to reconcile.

Oh, and then Kyousuke goes to his childhood friend, Manami’s house. Unimportant stuff happens, including Manami’s grandpa dying. Then coming back to life. And her little brother trying to play guitar with a banjo. Or Asian banjo. WHATEVER

Same person?!


Near the beginning, this felt like it had promise. Real stuff was coming through! Didn’t seem to have major siscon tendencies, the reversal of the person playing the little sister games was new, and generally speaking, it was probably very easy to relate for many of us. Not exactly the little sister porn part though. Yet.

Then, at around episode three, things started to fall apart. Too many service scenes, their reactions didn’t seem… normal enough, etc. I mean, who would lie and say that they watch little sister porn? A much better excuse would be it was Kyousuke’s friend’s, and he somehow sneaked it into Kyousuke’s backpack, which Kirino happened to be looking through, and found that disc, found it interesting, and was just about to boot it into her computer when her father found out.

And the one about Kyousuke loving Kirino doesn’t even make sense. How does that work? Why does that make Kirino able to make up with Ayase? I don’t get it. I’ll probably have to rewatch the scene several times to find out, and I’ll post about that later. But still, if you were with your little sister, and she had a stack of little sister porn, and her best friend found out, what would you do? Saying that you love her doesn’t make it better! It adds flames to the canola on both sides, killing our national revenue and shrinking the Canadian dollar! WE’RE AT PARITY WITH THE US THIS IS OUR BEST CHANCE TO TAKE OVER THE SOUTH oh wait what am I saying

The post is almost finished!

I like the different OP/ED each time, though it’ll be hard-impossible to actually have a memorable ED like this. It’s like HotD. I’d rather it be the same each time than different each time, TBH. The OP’s different character showing is cool though. Also, Afroman’s subs are cool. No. They’re awesome. Afroman’s now my number one fansubber. Watch their subs. Now.

And finally… yeah, I really like how this is so specifically targeted to anime-lovers. It’s not like anyone else is gonna watch this, as Bleach HASN’T FUCKING ENDED.
I’ve never actually told my parents about my anime-watching habits. I suppose they already know, but don’t care; just like with my grades, my homework, and generally my life. Contrary to what I may have stated some time ago, I love my parents.

Oreimo does this too, showing the soft side of the hard, strict, ex-cop as well. At the end, you just can’t ignore your family – they’re your family. I just do hope that Oreimo’s not trying to teach us some really crappy children’s story moral at the end…

…Post ended.


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