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Litchi DE Hikari Club Half Season Review

At least I laugh when I watch Teekyuu. There is nothing remotely funny, scary, or emotional about Litchi DE Hikari Club. There is no possible way this show can evoke any sort of reaction from anybody be it joy or sorrow, pride or pity, giving us this indistinct mass of neutrality that can only be expressed by these characters’ emotionless, boring eyes boring into your soul:

Even Newgrounds Flash beginners can make more human art than this.

The original Litchi DE Hikari Subs dropping the show, a ‘CR’ group somehow being involved, and HorribleSubs not uploading its torrents for later episodes does not help to instill anything but indifferent impassivity, either. Do not pick up this show. Even at three minutes long, it is a monumental waste of your time.

P.S. No, you never do find out what happens to their band.

Teekyuu Half Season Review

toronto oilers

I don’t remember how to write these anymore. Good thing we’re starting with a two-minutes/episode show that merits only one misspelled word:




Kamisama no Memochou Half Season Review

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Dantalian no Shoka Half Season Review [Completed]

That’s because.. you need moustaches for a suit.

And in other news, Slug Designer 2 is the worst game ever. They don’t even have a moustache to put on their slugs. However, this is the best game ever. Yes, you’re welcome in advance.

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Ao no Exorcist Half Season Review [Completed]

People die when they are killed.


“He’s so stupid that he’s not smart!”»

Mayo Chiki Half Season Review [Completed]


Ikoku Meiro no Croisée Half Season Review [Completed]

I wanna become a pokemon train»