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Ore no Kouhai ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 5

As I said last Ore no Kouhai post, Ore no Kouhai posts are going to just be about life and shit because the manga itself is so stupid.

So here’s an obligatory Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu Half Season Review (a.k.a. the Legend of the Legendary Heroes and tl;dw), in my pitiful attempt to write all those posts that I didn’t write, and also to free up disc space because god, I need to free up disc space. I have six episodes of tl;dw in there that are just begging to be finished :(

Problem: the last time I watched tl;dw was, well, a year plus a week and a day ago. So I have no recollection of its plot, its characters, or its anything at all. I wrote the post above more than a year ago, and I was going to publish it in April, but… uh, I guess I didn’t?

So I’ll continue rewriting things, and eventually I’ll write a Manga Quarterly Review EVERY TWO DAYS and an Anime Half Season Review EVERY OTHER DAY because guess what, HORIZON AND BEN-TO ARE ENDING! Majikoi’s already ended, which frees up one of my posting slots/week, and with Ben-To and Horizon almost over, I’ll be able to write ANYTHING I WANT!!

(I didn’t realize that, uh, I could always write anything I wanted until now. I’m bad at this ‘blogging’ thing ):

But wow, my writing style has really changed. That tl;dw post is from just a year ago, and you can just TASTE THE DIFFERENCE. I cringe whenever I go through my archives, which thankfully, happens exceedingly rarely. I do have to get back in the mood of writing Half Season Reviews, though, as the 2011 Fall season’s ending, and the last two times I wrote a Half Season Review were a month and two months ago. Maybe I’ve lost the Half Season Review-writing charm…

OK, I was lying, I’ll talk about Ore no Kouhai.

Is the artist so lazy that he won’t even colour in Kuroneko’s eyes? Or is that some ARTISTIC STYLE showing her with ONE OF HER CONTACTS OFF or something that REPRESENTS the HALF-BAKED state of JAPANESE MODERN VISUAL CULTURE? Whatever it is, it’s not good because the first possibility is bad and the second possibility is hypocritical… or is it IRONIC? Actually, I think Ore no Kouhai’s pretty good – just like Ben-To, Horizon, and Majikoi, it’s /ironic/ how bad it is. It’s like the artist’s consciously making it as horrible as possible, or something. But it works. Good job, artist!

I really hate Kuroneko. WAIT WAIT WAIT before you flame me, think – what if Kuroneko were fat, overweight, bulky, corpulent, plump, ugly, and obese? What if she also had bad breath, braces, nerdy glasses, and never wore gothic lolita fashion?

Yeah, you’d hate her too, because then, you’ll realize that all she is is a fat weeaboo who can’t tolerate the slightest criticism. Just like me! I know, this is the same point I raised last chapter, but I’ll hammer it into your brains – Kuroneko is a fat girl trapped in a loli’s body. And that won’t change.

(Of course, now somebody’s going to rage because she does all the housework at home, cooks, buys groceries, and cleans while doing schoolwork and having the time to read and draw manga. I don’t see you guys feeling sorry for that fat weeaboo who also has to do those things at home.)

P.S. I realize that last paragraph wasn’t actually an argument, and now I’m just making fun of myself. Fine, I’ll stop >:'(

P.P.S. I guess this post wasn’t actually about life and shit. >:'(

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