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09/09/11 – Two Years of Domain Hogging

(Alternative Titles: 09/09/11 – What a Misleading Title; 09/09/11 – The Anniversary of a Horrible Event; 09/09/11 – Cirno Just Got Bomb’d; 09/09/11 – I am Tasteless, Please Don’t Kill Me)

Sigh, I was going to rewrite the first year anniversary post (it should be down there on the trackbacks thing), but after realizing I have nothing to say, just made it a two-line derp. Derp derp. Here’s me celebrating the second year that we have hogged this domain, to the chagrin of Onew Design fans across the globe.

So here’s an image for those Onew fans (who actually don’t come to this blog, the majority of my readers come searching for pedobear) out there from Always SHINee:

Alright lol, this isn’t going to be a post about Onew nor Cirno – it’s going to be a post about O-NEW FUCK YEAH

THAT’S RIGHT IT’S LIKE Onew but WITH MORE CAPITALIZING and MORE HYPHENS and MORE INTENSE and AWESOME and O-NEW ACTUALLY STANDS FOR SOMETHING: Our New Electronic… Webpage. OK, that was pretty lame and I came up with it on the spot, but not as lame as Always ShiNEET.

So, starting today, I’m going to be changing the way I blog – small, gradual changes, that I won’t even be CONSCIOUSLY making. Why? There are many reasons.

The first is that school is starting, and thus I have less time to post posts, if they’re going to be QUALITY.


…and that’s all.

It’s going to be really a pain episodic blogging during the school year, when I really have just an hour a day on the computer (right after coming back from school), and even if I did have eight, my hands (eyes?) are more than full trying to watch the shows from /last/ fall. Then what will I post?

I’ll post a lot of, well, non-episodic posts.

I’ll write posts that are actually unique, that people actually want to read, posts that CAN’T BE FOUND anywhere you look for them EXCEPT for at Our New Electronic Webpage. Posts that nobody else posts cause they’re STUPID POSTS, they’re posts that NOBODY THINKS ABOUT, they’re posts that are simply RIDICULOUS. Posts with different opinions than the flow, posts that look from a different perspective, posts presented in a different manner, posts that talk about different aspects of anime.


But not just animanga posts about an episode or six – I’ll also write short essays about animanga topics, and maybe incorporate those into posts that aren’t essay-posts. And of course, even I need to have some fun too – expect a lot more of these ‘random’ posts in the following year.

Lastly, no. O-NEW is not an anime blog. Maybe it’ll stay as one for a while (so that I can BEAT EVERYONE IN THE ANIBLOG TOURNEY with my SUPERIOR CAPITALIZING SKILLS), but in the long run, anime just isn’t interesting enough on its own. So, I’ll probably start experimenting with different things to blog – I’ll add more transcriptions, compositions, and musical posts; maybe hourai’ll type up some more things about gaming; if it ever gets to that stage, I could try creating a weekly development log/update-like thing; maybe some comics (lol nope); and in November there’s NaNoWriMo – instead of posting a thousand words a day, I could work on a novel for a thousand words a day. That said, I’ve probably written like five novels just by writing on this blog – though my literary skills haven’t improved as they should’ve :|

So, it’s been two years and we’re still a small blip on the screen, a blog nobody cares about. A blog I might as well lose interest in if I don’t do more diverse things.

So let’s go!

(Seriously though, 9/11 is serious business and joking about it is mean.)

(Also, FUCK YEAH CIRNO IS AWESOME, no not really I’m just going with the flow)

15 responses

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  2. Damn, 2 years eh, so you are better than me, or at least you like to think that you are…
    As for working hard when school starts, lol, well good luck with that, it isn’t something that I have been able to do, then again, I don’t work very hard right now either, so maybe that’s why….

    2011/09/09 at 23:57

  3. p.s. I have an old anime blogger blog that dates back to August 4th, but I only updated it like 5 times before I made my current blog like a year later…..so yeah, I guess it doesn’t count much :(

    2011/09/10 at 00:00

  4. That Cirno style drawing reminds me of Nichijou’s style.


    2011/09/10 at 02:26

  5. what’s wrong with kokido kombine?

    oh right everything (no not really lol)

    2011/09/10 at 02:56

  6. August 4th of when?

    And man I should read your blog but I HAVE SO MANY BLOGS (blogs stands for ‘blog backlogs’) ;__;

    Also, I think I should tell you that this is only two years of having this /domain/ – I wrote my first post in January, iirc, and wrote my second on February somethingth (Valentine’s Day?). From then, A POST A DAY EVERY DAY EXCEPT FOR THE DAYS WHERE I’M NOT OKAY

    2011/09/10 at 02:58

  7. Nah, it’s more like a dream. I was complaining that it was long to type before but I don’t really care now.

    2011/09/10 at 07:23

  8. My brain insists on parsing the URL as “one-w” instead of “o-new.”

    2011/09/10 at 15:17

  9. http://www.one-w should be http://www.three-ws... or four.

    2011/09/10 at 17:44

  10. But…why do you keep pretending to be Chinese?We all know that you are actually a Mexican…

    This post is about Mushy day… <_<

    Why does people keep talking about 9/11?It's getting old and annoying.Besides,talking won't solve anything.

    Also this:http://fortepiano.szm.com/notes/ONEMANSDREAM.pdf I dare you to do it!!!

    2011/09/11 at 18:21

  11. One Masn’s Dream?

    also what you know I’m russian

    2011/09/11 at 20:39

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