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Students’ Strike! (With More Points Than a Students’ Spare)

I guess these students can really SPARE some time to STRIKE, because that’s what they’re doing in this stereotypical rainy Vancouver afternoon.

Want to know what I’m talking about? CBC has an article here. Really, just search up ‘British Columbia student walkout’ and you’ll find hundreds of articles on it. However, after my five minutes of sleuthing, CBC’s article seems to be the most unbiased.

As a student in the BC public school system that has witnessed th-oh fuck I can’t type formally, here, let’s inject some much-needed CAPITALISM

I am a STUDENT in BC. Many of my fellow students WALKED OUT of school TODAY at 2:00, two hours before THIS POST was posted. Unfortunately, I did not, even though I just sat around and did NOTHING in my final block, and I would’ve been more productive SKIPPING school and WRITING this post at HOME instead. However, I did not SKIP school, and neither did I go to the PROTEST.


Because I’ve done my RESEARCH, and I don’t BELIEVE in this protest.

What is the protest saying?

The ORGANIZERS say it’s to encourage mutual RESPECT between the government and the TEACHERS. Yet, that’s not what the STUDENTS are thinking. They’re thinking that it’s to promote EDUCATION by paying teachers MORE and easing class composition ISSUES. That’s not the point of THIS protest; that’s the point of the TEACHERS’ protest.

We’re already PAST the point of bargaining. Teachers are striking to make a POINT, not because they actually BELIEVE that the government will give them a pay raise this year. No, everybody (except the STUDENTS) know that the strike is going to FADE AWAY, the BCTF’s going to accept NET-ZERO, and not even government’s Bill 22 (which will STRIP teachers of their RIGHT to STRIKE) will pass. In effect, it’ll end in an IMPASSE, with both parties WARILY agreeing to a contract that NOBODY WANTS.

And nothing can change this, anymore. Not even a PROTEST. My English teacher once said that protesting is useless; the important part is creating a SOLUTION. Yet, currently, she’s PROTESTING, and her solution? “Give us more money!”

Towards the actual issue, I’m AMBIVALENT. Both sides have COHERENT arguments and UNDERSTANDABLE reasons for what they’re doing. Yet, neither side is willing to RESPECT the other side. I cannot approve of EITHER. You guys know I’m telling the truth, because I always tell the truth on O-New. Besides, we’re a pretty OPINIONATED blog, and we’re NOT AFRAID to show that we HATE J.C. STAFF, a position that has alienated me from FLARE, that other blogger on O-New who never blogs. So, we have no reason to HIDE our opinions, and when we SAY we’re neutral, we MEAN that I’m neutral. Yes, I’m too lazy to replace all the ‘we’s in those sentences with ‘I’s. Maybe you can help me do that, and be my ears and ‘I’s. Ha ha ha.

At least, the teachers, by striking for three days from Monday to Wednesday, leave me with an effective five-day-weekend, extending my science fair project (which was originally due Monday) that I haven’t started’s deadline by five days. Furthermore, after a final Thursday and Friday of school next week, it’ll be a two-week-long Spring Break… =3=

In summary: I don’t have a better POST to POST today. This alliteration should sum things up pretty CONCISELY:

Currently, crazy Canadian countrymen cannot co-operatively compromise.

Oversight, in Hindsight

‘Hindsight is always 20-20.’
– American proverb

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A Critical Critique of Critics’ Criticisms

Originally, this was extremely long and rambling – now it’s completely stripped of useless words (‘the person’ becomes ‘his’ as a gender-neutral pronoun – ‘he’ is not a specific person).

No images here (it’d be lazy to use random pictures, and it’d take effort to use a comedic out-of-context picture), so it’s a rather short post.

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[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Half Season Review

How long has it been since I last watched this?! Sigh, I wonder if I’ll have anything to write ab-







its name is c but it has no name
(funny thing is, [C] actually is noitaminA’s 26th show)

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2011 Summer Anime First Impressions

Hah, I’m not too late, am I (Dantalian no Shoka was just released)?

Wiping’s something she forgot to do

The joke is ‘until your memories are wiped away’»

Buyuden 16

This post is actually going to be more of a post about cyberbullying and how it affects people rather than cyberboxing and wait, what’s cyberboxing

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Two Short Thoughts

I had some metablogging thoughts bubbling in my head for a while, so I’ll let them out.

Firstly – about blog and blogger ‘deaths’. The situation online parallels the situation ‘in real life’ almost mockingly. When a blog disappears without notice, the blog dies, and the blogger (if he disappears too) ‘dies’ as well. The community as a whole feels a sense of loss from the loss of the blogger, for very selfish reasons – they can’t read any of his posts anymore, they can’t talk to him about things anymore, he’s just gone. However, he isn’t just ‘gone’ – he’s gone to ‘real life’, where he could be suffering in agony, or celebrating in joy. The community doesn’t know, because it doesn’t matter – if you can’t confirm something, why worry about it (I’m going to paraphrase Rintarou a lot, aren’t I…)? Either way, the community is sad that he’s ‘dead’.

Now, in real life. A person dies. People who knew him feel a sense of loss, also for very selfish reasons – they can’t receive any of his contributions (maybe he was a teacher and he taught really well; maybe he was a programmer and his games were really fun; maybe he was a doctor and he saved a lot of people) anymore, they can’t talk to him about things anymore, he’s just gone. However, he may not be just ‘gone’ – he may have gone to the Afterlife, where he could be suffering in agony, or celebrating in joy. The people who knew him doesn’t know, because it doesn’t matter – if you can’t confirm something, why worry about it? Either way, people who knew him are sad that he’s dead.

Alright, moving out of that sombre topic.

What style of writing do you prefer? By you, I mean everyone in the community, generally, and by style of writing, I mean opinion-pieces or discussion-pieces. Seeing as I never write editorial (or at least, meaningful ones) posts, this is more about all the blogs out there who do pump out many of those.

An opinion piece would be a post like the death post (ok, that sounded horrible), where the author sets out to write their own opinion on something. These posts are usually longer in length and more deep in detail.

A discussion piece would be a post like this latter half of this post, where the author finds an interesting topic and wishes to discuss it with others. These posts are usually shorter, and don’t show much of the author’s opinion – they usually spend more time on backstory, on connecting events, and the like.

An opinion piece’s comments generally revolve around the arguments and opinions of the author, while a discussion piece’s comments are much broader in topic, and frequently contain connections to almost unrelated subjects.

I’m sure all of you have seen plenty of examples from both types (and of course, they frequently overlap), but which type do you prefer?


Alternative title: America is boring as hell.

Yep, I’m back from my vacation.

Of the time of writing this post, there is about, oh, I don’t know, ONE DAY of 2010 left. I don’t know if many of you know, but Ichigos is having another composition contest. If you’ll remember (you won’t, there was nobody reading then), one of my earliest compositions was prompted by an Ichigos contest (which, I subsequently received 2nd place – also known as last, because only two people entered).

Unfortunately, there are far more competitors this time, and the monetary prizes are no small talk either. And I have one day to submit something.

One day. That’s basically five hours. Why am I still writing this post? I don’t know, I’ll do nothing but compose tomorrow. Why did I read that epic mahjong manga? Which, if I may mention, is awesome? When JAPANESE ROBOTS fight HITLER in MAHJONG on the MOON, I think it’s PRETTY AWESOME. GEORGE BUSH’s power level is OVER EIGHT THOUSAND too (a normal person’s power level is seven, not seven thousand). Of course, that’s nothing to HITLER’s power level of THIRTY TWO THOUSAND.

In other real-world news, Comiket 79 has hit once again, obvious from the flood of Comiket music, PVs, and more hitting the internet (and the many cries of anguished line-waiters). It’s ending tomorrow, too.
Heh, you’d expect me to write some New Year’s post soon, so I won’t keep this any longer. I’m too lazy to even slap any pictures on here. On that note, I’ll delay (once more, once more) the Winter anime preview to next year. Sigh, vacation just seems to pass so quickly (or I wasted half of it in America doing NOTHING AT ALL).

Anyways, back to the title of this post: Twilight.

It does not suck.

What? You didn’t see that?


As far as I can tell, there is no blatant exhibition of horrible, unpaced writing; no ill-developed main character; no drastically unrealistic plot. Twilight is, for a book, pretty good – you can read it without stopping, given the time necessary. The writing is many times better than even the grammar of many people who claim to have read it; indeed, this is not a book written by a teenager. It’s written by an adult, a very capable adult, whose intelligence vastly surpasses that of many individuals in society.

Book-wise, it’s decent. No – it’s good.

Of course, with the exception of how “Edward’s perfect eyes looked at me from his perfect face as perfect mucus dripped out of his perfect nose.”


Firstly, let’s look at Bella’s character.

Huh? Character? Where’s that? Bella’s well-developed, sure; but only after the plot kicks in. Before that, EVERYTHING about her can be applied to like EVERYBODY in the world – or at least everybody’s conceptions of themselves. Sure, basically nobody’s smart, but most stupid people think they’re smart, and thus can step into Bella’s shoes.

– Obvious points to her gender are not defined (a.k.a. she’s probably not a girl)
– Tries to fit in at school, but doesn’t work (a.k.a. too stupid to look past society)
– Not popular at school (a.k.a. she wants to do drugs and waste her teenage life)
– Thinks she’s smart (a.k.a. uses man-made tests to gauge her intelligence)
– May be skinny, may be fat – it’s never pointed out in the book, but she doesn’t want to walk two miles to school. So she drives there. Every day. Two miles. 3.2 kilometres. (a.k.a. typical American – fat, rich, and lovin’ it)
– Hates dancing (a.k.a. fat)
…and the like.

Anyways, in summary, all her bad qualities are ones everyone thinks they have (can’t dance, unpopular, etc.), and all her good qualities are qualities people think they have (smart, etc.) – her other good qualities are qualities that come out in the book, so any stupid teenage girl can dream about finding that she tastes good to a vampire, etc.

Meyer is a MASTER of manipulation. She’s a genius! Completely and utterly so.

A genius that would do anything for money, even write a book like this.

But, this makes sense.

This is the difference between the true, literary genius, Kuroneko, and the completely worthless, spoiled, lazy, and opportunative genius, Kirino.

Kuroneko’d write something purely because it’s good. Kirino would write something purely because it sells.

Of course, not everything that sells is written by a genius like Meyer (who we know is a genius, because of her masterfully twisted words). In Kirino’s case, I take back my words – she’s just an idiot who likes little sisters. Luck and intelligence – money comes later.

But Meyer.

She could’ve done something with her life. Not write a book like this, but actually create a piece of literature. Something that actually has meaning. Her vocabulary and education are up to the task. But no – she just chose to go the path of the devil, leading to riches in life, and hell in death.

In fact, according to this dedication, her sister, Emily, practically forced her to finish Twilight (“Without her, this book may still have been unfinished”). A genius cannot create if forced to. She came up with Twilight instead.

Ah, the beauty of twilight. As a novel, brilliant. As a book, good.

500 pages is a lot, you know?

So as a piece of literature, I was afraid that the owner of the book would have caught me ripping it to shreds. There was no content whatsoever.

(except for that one part where Edward’s perfect eyes looked at me from his perfect face as perfect mucus dripped out of his perfect nose, that was very contentful)



Oh hai it’s a filler.(no it’s a filler because Internet Meme 101 is taking a break and stuff) Anyways, it got kinda annoying, as I realized how so many simple-minded ************ think that people who have intelligence=nerd. Ok seriously wtf? THIS IS MADNESS, THIS IS SPARTA.


What people think nerds are





Honestly why do people assume that? Nerd actually means that you are socially withdrawn, are awkward talking to other people, physically unfit, and who enjoys learning like playing a video game. Seriously, I am not any of those definitions. Just because I have more brainpower than you really does not mean that I am a nerd. After researching, 99% of people that call you a nerd are just jealous that you have the ability to think, while they’re total douchebags. So the next time someone calls you a nerd, take pride in it.