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Dantalian no Shoka Half Season Review [Completed]

That’s because.. you need moustaches for a suit.

And in other news, Slug Designer 2 is the worst game ever. They don’t even have a moustache to put on their slugs. However, this is the best game ever. Yes, you’re welcome in advance.

Feeling sluggish today»

Yuru Yuri Half Season Review [Completed]

Yuru Yuri is ending!


Tiger & Bunny 25 [Completed]

The fractales keep fractalling»

No. 6 11 [Completed]

Arghblargh, this is the first time I’ve released a No. 6 post on the day the episode aired – in fact, I rushed straight home after school to download the file with only an hour to download it, watch it, and make a post. Thus, instead of waiting for the download to finish before making the post, I’ve made half of the post without even watching the episode, and all my screenshots are going to be scenery because THIS EPISODE, TOO SHOCK and too lazy to edit pictures, sorry. TIME, I HAVE NONE

Without time, I tell EVERY LIE»

No. 6 10

Being duglong is suffering…

longdog is long»

No. 6 9

This post was published on 06/09.

Obligatory 69!

No. 69»

No. 6 8

I’m posting this so soon after the Tiger & Bunny post because it takes too much time to write an HSR, so I’ll write that after I get back. Also because REDLINE

Seeing as I have so little time left (writing this the night of the 26th) and won’t be editing anything anytime soon, I might as well make all the images for No. 6 be of scenery now ┐(´ー`)┌

pls dun say ‘u r lazy’»