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2012 Spring Anime Preview

You know how our season previews go. There’s a basic formula to all of them. First, a summary, then a picture, then a disclaimer talking about how I stole all this information from other blogs, and then the actual post, written by me, Mushyrulez, all by myself.


Firstly, there WON’T BE A PICTURE after a summary which is this summary which is this sentence and the sentences immediately before and after this.

Secondly, there WON’T BE A DISCLAIMER after a picture because, wow, we’ve actually done our own research (read: searching for trailers on YouTube) this time!! This also means no handy embedded chart here; just search for it yourself. And seriously, if you’re going to read the chart anyways, there’s hardly any point reading this post. At least after you read this post, you’ll still have an excuse to read the chart. This paragraph is not a disclaimer telling you that this post actually doesn’t talk about anime at all.

Thirdly, there WON’T BE BLUE TRAILER LINKS because I can’t modify the link style on this new theme I’m using!! I know, simply horrible, right? The Carnelian (dark-reddish-brown, for those less artistically inclined) texts are links. It gets pretty confusing when I put it after orange text, which is written by me.

Finally, there WON’T JUST BE ME writing this post (otherwise, why would I colour my text?), because it’s time for O-New to DIVERSIFY like Random Curiosity and METANORN have done, although of course, we’re much more HIGH TENSION SYNDROME. AbsoluteZero255 has so kindly accepted my offer to let him write 99% of this post (using this colour of blue text), unlike that other guy flare who is being such a flare not writing posts and flaring his flare and OK, LET US MOVE ON TO THE PREVIEW. Ready? GO!

Ready ready ready for the PREVIEW»

Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku 56

(My face today, March 19th, upon realizing that I didn’t write a post for this day, March 14th:)

So, seeing as last post was merely a reintroduction to the whole Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku series, I think it’s time to clarify some shit.

I was right in waiting until the whole dust settled around the big (?) MAL controversy over whether part two of Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku was a new series or not. You remember my whole tirade (see: last post) about sequels and not knowing what they are, right? Turns out somebody created a new series on MAL (creatively titled ‘Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku: Part 2’) for (as you’d expect) Part 2. However, due to widespread confusion and the fact that this really wasn’t a new series, that MAL series is now deleted, and the ‘original’ Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku (which is now the only Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku) is listed as an ‘Publishing’ series, rather than as ‘Completed’.

Moral of the story?


What was I right about?


I’m always fucking a girl named ‘Right’»

Black★Rock Shooter (TV) 1 [Impressions]

Hey, everybody. It’s time for me to INTERACT MORE WITH MY REGULAR READERS by starting a WEEKLY I mean MONTHLY I mean YEARLY competition to see who is the GREATEST FAN OF O-NEW OUT THERE!!

What’s the challenge? Well, the challenge is understanding what I said in these comments. Whoever comments below with the proper translation of my speech, good reasons for thinking that that is the proper translation of my speech, and an excuse for me for saying ‘speech’ when I’m not even talking first will win! Here are example submissions:

Posted 2012/02/30 at 26:71 | Permalink | Reply
‘Wine, art upon sting a genome? So I’m a shoe, tapes a shinto.’ means ‘I sting genomes because I type like shinn87!’
‘Thous, our whiz-wards yew halved. Their butt-eye Kant-creek ate scream; shoots yews. Sing empathy, bee! Cousin thee en-ditch – to mush Worch!’ means ‘I take screenshots because I’m a butt-eye!’
I believe that this is the proper translation of your speech because you are an idiot, I hate you, and you are most definitely also a butt-eye.
An excuse for you saying ‘speech’ when you’re not even talking is because you are a butt-eye and butt-eyes cannot talk, but want to sound like they’re talking.

Posted 2012/12/23 at 23:59 | Permalink | Reply
where are the tits

Posted 2012/03/00 at 00:00 | Permalink | Reply
your wine and shinto comment mens kyaa~ squee~ Ouma Shu is super hot desu~~~~~<3
your wizards and buteye coment means uguuuu~~ my cousin is super cute desu~~
i believ this is right because ouma shu is supper hot desu~~ and my cousin is also super choo-kawai~
you say spech when your not even talking because you are uugly and grosse and déspicable et méprisable. Aller mourir dans un puits au large de la côte de la Finlande. b-b-baka

Posted 1949/10/01 at 07:15 | Permalink | Reply
So do all Mushyrulez need to wear 斗笠 when they write bad posts?

Je ne grosse pas»

2012 Winter Anime First Impressions Part One

Oh, hey. Welcome to February. Note that the first anime of this season aired nearly a month ago (Natsume, on January 3rd). Back in my day, they called me the lATEM@STER. Because I write posts. That are late. Hahaha. That’s not even a pun what am I typing

Here, read my season previews. They’re decent. And by decent I mean they’re not horrible. That is to say, they’re merely bad and/or mediocre. Just read those god-damned posts and come back here and read this god-damned post and like, just, damn yourself, god

Before anyone accuses me of espousing anime as an entertaining, interesting, and fun medium of communication, let me disclaim myself with a disclaimer that I believe fully fits the mood of this post.

[Disclaimer: ANIME SUCKS]

I wear anime sucks in my anime shoes»

A Trap Can Also Use a Girl’s Weapon [Completed]

I’m typing this from school because, guess what? I’ve got a visit to the optometrist at 4:10 this afternoon, it’s stupid to rush back home to write a post for two minutes before going to the optometrist and being late for my appointment, and it’s hard to go to the optometrist at 4:10, get my new contacts, and rush back home in time to write a post by 4:00, namely because I am not in possession of a time machine.

Anyways, I haven’t read any manga for over two weeks now, other than one chapter for that Ore no Kouhai post and another chapter for that Gin no Saji post. I’d like to continue my streak of not reading much manga, and have decided to read a short one-shot, for a short one-shot hardly qualifies as ‘much manga’ at all.

In fact, this short one-shot (you could even say that it’s a one-short) is pretty short. It’s eight pages long. Yes, I have nothing better to post than a post about a eight-page-long oneshot about crossdressing, lolicons, and incest.

So, what is the manga about?

A cute boy wants to be a manly boy. He becomes a manly boy.

The end.

A boyish man»

2012 Winter Anime Part Three

So, what did I learn from writing season previews?

Rule 1 of writing season previews: Don’t write season previews after everybody else does.

Rule 2 of writing season previews: Do not write season previews after the previous season has already ended.

Rule 3 of writing season previews: DO NOT write season previews after the season’s shows have already started.

Rule 4 of writing season previews: DO NOT WRITE SEASON PREVIEWS after all the season’s shows have already started.


Rule 6 of writing season previews: Do not talk about writing season previews»